Sunday, 21 November 2010

Screen printing - I think I have a new addiction!

So last weekend I went to a screen printing course at West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield.  I had previously done an Introduction to Printmaking course there, and wanted to develop my skills a bit more.  The tutor was Clare Caulfield, who creates the most gorgeous pieces of artwork, and is so inspiring.  

We learnt how to use UV to expose and create screens, which gave a great effect and opened up lots of possibilities, particularly to get fantastic detail on the prints.  This was definitely my favourite part and has given me lots of ideas of where I can go with it in the future.  Here's a sneak preview of what I did on the day, and will be putting in my Folksy shop soon :)

What do you reckon??


  1. Wonderful! I love screen printing. Glad you enjoyed yourself - you should be proud.

  2. Brilliant! This is something I am desperate to have a go at but think I need to be shown how in person first. Well done, it looks great :)

  3. That's gorgeous Laura - my only memories of screen painting involved painting me more than the paper when I was at school :-) Think you're really talented!

  4. Thanks everyone :) I will definitely be doing more soon and of course will be sharing with you all! x


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