Sunday, 27 June 2010

Find Out About Folksy - Keighley Arts Factory - 26 June 2010

Yesterday, I met up with some very lovely fellow Folksy-ers at Keighley Arts Factory, for an event for people to find out more about Folksy.  Organised by the fabulous Jo of Glassprimitif, it was a chance for people to show and sell their gorgeous makings, and we Folksy folk were also privy to a couple of great workshops. The first in the morning was led by Jo and we all had fun wafting pieces of paper around the room trying to get the paint on our Wax Batik masterpieces dry! Mine had a bucketload of paint to dry so took an especially long time! Here is the finished product -

I'm just trying to decide what to use it for now - maybe envelopes or a diary cover?

After a quick lunch break (with the all important cake!) it was time for the letterpress demo by Jax of Print For Love of Wood - after having a go on one of her fabulous letterpress machines I think we all wanted one! (I know I've already had a look on Ebay!)

It was a great day, a really nice way to get to know people in similar situations and put faces to names. I hope to see them all again sometime soon.


  1. what a lovely way to meet other folksy you got cake, can't complain about that!

    Sharon :)

  2. Hi Laura, yeh you've started a blog :o)

    Was lovely to meet you, we had a fab time, hope we can do it again soon! Looking forward to seeing your screenprints :)

    jax x

  3. Thanks Jax - it was great to meet you too (I even bid on a letterpress on ebay the other day I was so inspired by your workshop!). My course starts next Thursday - so excited!! x


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