Thursday, 26 August 2010

A bit of good news....

Just a quick blog post to share with you some recent developments.  Today I was offered a permanent job as a PA (I've been temping for over a year since being made redundant) at the place I'm currently working.  

On Tuesday, on my way to the Print Workshop to print my etchings (photos to come tomorrow!) I spotted that the gorgeous gift shop next door was open, as usually I'm there much later, so I popped in to see if there was any chance they would want to stock my jewellery.  I met with the owners today and showed them my jewellery and they will be selling my stuff as soon as I can get it made for them! I'm so excited and happy, everything just seems to be fitting into place perfectly! 

Have you had any good news lately?


  1. That's fantastic news!! They say it comes in 3s --> better get the lottery on ;o)

  2. Brilliant news. You deserve it! Susan just loves the bracelet we bought from you in Bradford.

    Jan S

  3. thanks :) well i've already had the third thing in a way - I've been offered a one day a week internship at the press office at West Yorkshire Playhouse, but not sure I'll be able to take them up on it, I need to speak to my new boss at work next week and see if I can sort it so I can do it.....really hoping so cos it's an amazing opportunity - typical that it's happening now though! x


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