Saturday, 3 July 2010

still waiting.....

I'm still waiting for the resin casts to set - an hour and a quarter to go until they've been in for 24 hours.  Trying to decide whether I should leave them a bit longer.....although I'm so impatient to see how they turn out that I think I'll be turning them out bang on 7pm!!

Here are a few of the pictures from me making the resin up last night...

the set up in the garage (in case of any spills....)

the bangle moulding filled with pretty pink buttons

the other moulding tray (also filled with lovely little buttons)

here it is filled with resin....

and this (see the tiny little buttons i've put in the long rectangles)

I'm so excited to see what they turn out like! :)


  1. Like the look of that bangle :) can't wait to see it turned out and finished....

    Anthea x

  2. How did you find working with resin? I'm about to venture into it for the first time :)

  3. It was okay (I think, we'll soon find out!) - i didn't have a watch with me, so ended up trying to count the two minutes stirring myself, not sure it was right though! the one thing I will do differently next time would be not to fill the moulds completely (i'd read somewhere that if you filled them completely, then you'd get a kind of domed effect, but on mine it just ended up spilling over quite a bit, so gonna have quite a bit of sanding to do i think! let me know how you get on :)


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