Monday, 19 July 2010

What I did this weekend :)

Yet another busy weekend, but very nice and very productive...

Saturday - I travelled through to Sheffield to take a look at the Craft Candy CandyFloss Fair and meet my best friend David for lunch.  The fair was good, and very inspiring, lot of lovely sellers such as the fabulous Kirsten of Quernus Crafts and Imogen's Imagination, and me and David managed to eat a LOT of food at Cafe Rouge, finished off with cupcakes from Fancie.

Sunday - well, Sunday, I went over to Blackburn to meet a lovely man called John and his wife Gwen, who are friends of Jax from PRINT for LOVE of WOOD.  John is a miracle worker who managed to get my lovely old Adana Number 2 High Speed working again, cleaning it up and giving me a crash course in letterpress too.  All I  need now are some rollers and runners (oh, and some ink) and I'll be up and running and showing you my experiments!  Both John and Jax are so lovely, and so inspirational that I deny anyone to spend more than 5 minutes with them and not be inspired by their love of printing and want to give it a go themselves.   


  1. blushing! Aww thanks ;)
    Kirsten's a busy girl she was at Blackpool on Sunday, I'm goosed just doing one craft fair!

  2. Letterpress sounds interesting, would love to see a photo of the contraption (Adana Number 2 Highspeed -what a wonderful name!)

  3. There are pictures in an earlier post, and I'll take some more with it almost up and running (just rollerless) :)


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